Deal Analysis Post-Coronavirus

The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ How has deal analysis changed since COVID-19? In this special deal analysis class you’ll learn all about how to analyze deals in the wake of the COVID-19. In this class you’ll learn: A shorter COVID-19 Update How do buy-and-hold real estate investors, Nomads™ and house hackers make money – the four areas of return from the Return on Investment Quadrant™ Terms and definitions of deal analysis An introduction to the new “simplified” spreadsheet Finding properties to buy Example property to analyze #1 – a new construction single-family home Why roll in seller … Read more

One Crazy Night – Brian Solves All Your Real Estate Problems

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Real Estate Investor Horror Stories – 2020 Edition

Variance Real estate investing doesn’t ALWAYS go the way you expect. That’s true just as other investing doesn’t always go the way you think. Let’s learn about mathematical expectation ( EV Expected Value) and how to think about how your expectations may vary from what you’d ideally like to achieve. Plus, other investors share their real estate investor horror stories. In this class you’ll learn: What is mathematical expectation ( EV)? How do you apply this concept to real estate investing to make you a better investor? Should you “avoid risk at all costs”? Is there ever a time to make a … Read more