Is Nomad™ Dead?!

In this special class, James Orr discusses whether the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy is dead. This class was taught on June 9, 2021. Topics discussed include: What prompted this class: Prices are UP… A LOT! Demand is UP… A LOT! Interest rates are DOWN, but not THAT MUCH Rents are UP, but not THAT MUCH Income is UP, but not THAT MUCH Signs suggest inflation is HERE and likely to continue That suggest the question: Is Nomad™ Dead?! Nomad™ Now and Then: a comparison to what was in the original Nomad™ book to what it was at the time … Read more

Real Estate Investor Financing After Coronavirus

Estimated Monthly Payments – All Loans Has financing for buy-and-hold real estate investors, Nomads™ and house hackers changed since COVID? How so? How do you finance buying your investment properties? In this class you’ll learn: What’s changed with COVID? The math behind forbearances and why you may not want to take one Lender selection – going beyond just the lowest cost Different lenders, different loan programs – not all lenders are the same A brief discussion of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) as it applies to investors and Nomads™ (see full class on Private Mortgage Insurance for the 2 hour version) … Read more

Evaluating Mortgages and Comparing Lenders

How do you evaluate which mortgage lender to go with when buying properties? How do you compare lenders? In this class you’ll learn: An experiment emailing lenders for rates (an experiment with real results) My email template for asking for rates Email response times (or lack of response) What to provide to each lender to get the closet apples to apples comparison What you might get back from the lenders What is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and why it matters and why it doesn’t matter Appraisals and why it is hard to compare appraisals between lenders Getting a lender … Read more

Buying New Houses as Investments and Nomads™

How You Buy AC with New Construction Have you considered buying new construction properties as an investment or as a Nomad™? There are pros and cons to buying new construction as investments. In this class you’ll learn: The pros and cons of new construction The interest rate risk of new construction Avoiding bidding wars buying straight from the builder Equity: walking into instant equity or negative equity The annoyance of moving dates and deadlines Giving yourself time to find tenants/tenant-buyers before closing and why this might not always be possible The gotchas of appraisals on new construction Freebies included with … Read more