How to Create a Copy of a Property

This post covers how to create a copy of a Property so you don’t have to start from scratch each time. Go To The Scenarios Page First, navigate to the Properties page. From there locate the Property you would like to make a copy of and click the button on the far right. The copied Property will automatically open. From here you can update the Address or Description and any other variables you wish to change. Once you have made all your changes scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save button. Then, you will need … Read more

How to Add or Remove a Property from a Scenario

Add Property to Scenario

Each time you create a Scenario you will need to add the attributes you would like to model. This post will cover how to add or remove a Property from a Scenario. Under Properties you can see which Properties are included in your Scenario as well as which ones can be added. To add a Property to your Scenario, click the Add icon. To remove a Property from a Scenario, click the Remove icon. Properties If you want to read more about Properties, consider reading these additional blog posts.

How to Delete a Property

Delete Property

This section covers how to delete a Property. If you reach your maximum number of Properties and you want to add another one you will need to either delete a Property or upgrade to Premium. Login First, log in to the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software. Go To The Properties Page Once you log in, navigate to the Properties page. Hover over or click “Calculator” on the menu across the top to expose the drop down menu. Click on Properties from the drop down menu. You can also use the menu on the right side of the page to locate … Read more

How to Add a Property

 Properties are real estate that you own.  Properties can be any type of real estate. This includes: Single Family Homes Condos Townhomes Owner-occupied properties you live in or income producing property Duplexes Triplexes Fourplexes Residential commercial properties with 5 or more units (including apartments) Non-residential commercial or industrial properties Vacant land; or Any other real property So, how do you add a  Property to a  Scenario? Let’s go through that together now. Step #1: Login. First, login to your Real Estate Financial Planner™. Step #2: Go to the  Properties page. Next, click on the  Properties page. Step #3: Click on … Read more