Price Resiliency™

Average Price Resiliency™ Percent

Price Resiliency™ is the amount property values (price) can decline before you’re underwater, upside down or have negative equity on rental properties. Similar to Rent Resiliency™, we can measure Price Resiliency™ in terms of dollars or in terms of percent. In other words, we can ask: How many dollars can property values (price) decline before I’d have negative equity? Or, what percent can property values (price) decline before I’d have negative equity? When we talk about Price Resiliency™ in dollars, what we’re really talking about is Equity. That’s because Equity is the amount of dollars that property values can decline … Read more

Rent and Price Resiliency for Real Estate Investors

How resilient are you and your real estate investments if prices drop? Will you be upside down or underwater with negative equity? What about if rents drop? Will you have negative cash flow? Listen to the audio of this for free on the real estate investing podcast. Or, access the video recording and see the charts by logging into your account. Topics discussed include: What is resiliency? What is Price Resiliency™? What is Rent Resiliency™? The two flavors of resiliency: dollars and percent. Measuring resiliency on the individual property basis or the entire portfolio Measuring resiliency as a snapshot in … Read more