Real Estate Investor FIRE

Many dream of reaching a point where their financial resources allow them to retire early, enjoying life without the constraints of a 9-to-5 job. This dream, often referred to as Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), can seem distant or unattainable to some. However, through astute real estate investing and strategic management of rental properties, achieving FIRE is more accessible than you might think. Here’s how. Understanding the Basics of FIRE FIRE is a lifestyle movement with the goal of financial independence and the ability to retire well before the traditional retirement age. This doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the workforce entirely … Read more

Phases of Financial Independence™

When modeling your investments for achieving financial independence, we look at your journey as having 4 distinct phases. Each phase has its own sub-phases as well. Each phase is named after the goal you are working toward achieving. So, you might say, I am working on Phase 1… which is working toward having achieved minimal financial independence. Or, I am in phase 3 working toward safe financial independence. Or, I am working toward leaving a legacy (phase 4). Phase 1: Minimal Financial Independence In Phase 1, Minimal Financial Independence, you are working toward having the absolute minimum you’d need to … Read more