Deal Alchemy™ – Lease-Options

Are you interested in maximizing your real estate investment returns? Look no further than Deal Alchemy™. This powerful tool enables investors to manipulate and transform their deals to optimize returns by moving them between different quadrants, such as trading appreciation for cash flow or increasing tax benefits. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of Deal Alchemy™in detail and provide examples of how investors can use it to their advantage. We’ll also discuss the potential risks and benefits of applying this strategy and provide tips on how to analyze a deal effectively. So, sit back, grab a notebook, and … Read more

Return on Investment Quadrant™

The Return on Investment Quadrant™ is the amount, in dollars, of each of the four primary components of returns in a real estate investment divided by the initial investment (also known as the total cost to close). The four primary components of return are: Appreciation Cash Flow Cash Flow from Depreciation™ Debt Paydown We typically display this graphically as: Or, with actual numbers like this: The Return On Investment Quadrant™ is automatically calculated for you at the bottom of the page when you’re editing your  Property assumptions. Just scroll to the bottom. Check it out for yourself by editting one … Read more