How to Go Broke Using the BRRRR Strategy

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House Hacking versus Nomad™ – 2019 Edition

Nomad™ What is the difference between Nomad™ and house hacking? Which is better? How so? Can I do both? In this class you’ll learn: A side-by-side comparison of what Nomad™ is versus what house hacking is Why you might decide to do each (or both) Some math as to why you might want to Nomad™ A deep dive into looking for unicorn deals An example of what house hacking looks like in NoCo with an example An example of what Nomading™ looks like in NoCo with a client example A deep dive into negative cash flow and “financing your down … Read more

Buying New Houses as Investments and Nomads™

How You Buy AC with New Construction Have you considered buying new construction properties as an investment or as a Nomad™? There are pros and cons to buying new construction as investments. In this class you’ll learn: The pros and cons of new construction The interest rate risk of new construction Avoiding bidding wars buying straight from the builder Equity: walking into instant equity or negative equity The annoyance of moving dates and deadlines Giving yourself time to find tenants/tenant-buyers before closing and why this might not always be possible The gotchas of appraisals on new construction Freebies included with … Read more

The Two Best Investing Strategies For Our Market Right Now

Creative Financing What are the two best real estate investing strategies for the NoCo real estate market right now? Owner financing? Subject to? Lease-Options? Straight options? Wrap financing? Agreement for deed? Contract for deed? Installment land contracts? Traditional buy-and-hold? Nomad™? House hacking? BRRR/BRRRR? Hard money lending? Fix and flips? Wholesaling? Short-term rentals? Something else? In this class you’ll learn: What strategies could you be doing? Sources of deals Our current market conditions that suggest these two best strategies What does “best” mean? Best in what way specifically? What do we have an ample supply of? What does NOT require EXTRAORDINARY… … Read more