Cash Flow Versus Appreciation

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House Hacking versus Nomad™ – 2019 Edition

Nomad™ What is the difference between Nomad™ and house hacking? Which is better? How so? Can I do both? In this class you’ll learn: A side-by-side comparison of what Nomad™ is versus what house hacking is Why you might decide to do each (or both) Some math as to why you might want to Nomad™ A deep dive into looking for unicorn deals An example of what house hacking looks like in NoCo with an example An example of what Nomading™ looks like in NoCo with a client example A deep dive into negative cash flow and “financing your down … Read more

Buying New Houses as Investments and Nomads™

How You Buy AC with New Construction Have you considered buying new construction properties as an investment or as a Nomad™? There are pros and cons to buying new construction as investments. In this class you’ll learn: The pros and cons of new construction The interest rate risk of new construction Avoiding bidding wars buying straight from the builder Equity: walking into instant equity or negative equity The annoyance of moving dates and deadlines Giving yourself time to find tenants/tenant-buyers before closing and why this might not always be possible The gotchas of appraisals on new construction Freebies included with … Read more