The Ultimate Guide to Earnest Money

Everything you wanted to know about Earnest Money and a whole bunch of stuff you didn't think you needed to know until I told you why you needed to know about it.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Are Earnest Money Checks Cashed?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Required?
  • Is Earnest Money Part of the Down Payment?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Refundable?
  • Is Earnest Money Returned?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Gift?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Personal Check?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Cash?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Used for Closing Costs?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Debit Card?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Credit Card?
  • What's Earnest Money?
  • What's Earnest Money When Buying a House?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Put Down?
  • How Much Earnest Money Is Normal?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Offer?
  • When Is Earnest Money Forfeited?
  • Who Gets Earnest Money When Buyer Backs Out?
  • How Do Earnest Money Disputes Work?
  • What About Earnest Money With Nothing Down Deals?
  • What About Earnest Money With Off-Market Deals?
  • Plus, much more...

Duration: 1 hour and 22 minutes
Recorded: October 21, 2020
Instructor: James Orr

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