Real Estate Investing Strategies

What are all the different ways to invest in real estate? In this class you’ll learn: A detailed list of different real estate investing strategies from buy-and-hold, Nomad™ and house hacking to fix & flip, BRRR, creative financing like subject to more unusual strategies like option-auction, tax liens/deeds and much more. An exploration of whether the strategy is typically an entry strategy, a way to hold or an exit strategy (or some combination). Channels when buying (how to find each type of deal) Channels when selling (how to get out of each deal) Financing when selling (how to cash out … Read more

Pros and Cons of Every Real Estate Investing Strategy Compared

Are you considering investing in real estate? What strategy are you considering? How does that compare to all your other options? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of every real estate investing strategy… compared in this special one-time-only class taught by James on February 10, 2021. Before I share with you the outline of the class, I want to mention that I could have opted to do either a qualitative comparison or a quantitative comparison of each strategy. I ultimately chose to do a qualitative comparison for this class. Perhaps I’ll do a quantitative class in the future. Real … Read more

Low-ball Offer Case Studies – Nomad™ 2017 Edition

How likely are you to be able to low ball a seller and get your offer accepted? How low can you go? Does it matter what time of year it is (seasonality)? Does it matter how long the property has been listed prior to me making my offer? Does it matter if it is a low priced property or an expensive property? Find out all about low ball offers in this special class. In this class you’ll learn: Why what Warren Buffet says about fair prices and wonderful prices applies to buying properties too What is sold price to list … Read more