Asset Allocation Secrets of Real Estate Investors

Rules of thumb exist for folks investing in stocks and bonds (X% in stocks, Y% in bonds based on your age). However, until this class, no great rules existed for those investing in rental properties and other real estate. In this class you’ll learn: What should your asset allocation vary with? Everything has risk. How do you evaluate risk versus reward? Some historically common asset allocation models Traditional asset allocation rules of thumb (for stocks and bonds) Rebalancing your asset allocation and a discussion on frequency of rebalancing A discussion on retirement date risk, sequence of returns risk, portfolio size … Read more

Ask Me Almost Anything – 2020 Edition

This was… THE… most important real estate investor class for… YOU. How did I know? Because it covers the topic you’re most interested in. How did I know? Because you get to choose the topics. That’s right… this class was “Ask Me (Almost) Anything” or as I like to call it… Brian teaches every one of the 200+ different real estate investor classes we have all in one relatively short, 2-hour-and-8-minute class. Want to learn about deal analysis? No problem. Asset protection? Yup. How to find money to invest? OK. How to come up with down payments? Sure, why not! … Read more

Arguably the Best Class of the Year – Part 5

Some topics are too short to be their own full two-hour class, but too important not to cover. We combine several mini-topics into one class that we call “Arguably the Best Class of the Year”. Part 5 A dive into historical rent appreciation rates Should I roll landscaping (or other builder-offered upgrades) into my new construction purchase? Why every real estate investing spreadsheet is wrong! What should I use for maintenance in my deal analysis spreadsheet? Duration: 2 hours and 18 minutes Recorded: August 19, 2020 Instructor: James Orr and Brian Williams Arguably The Best Class of the Year Here … Read more