10 Tips to Get Offers Accepted in Hot Markets

Real estate markets can cycle between hot and cold. In hot real estate markets it is often harder to acquire properties and get your offer accepted. Should you find yourself in a hot market cycle, here are tips for getting your offer accepted. In this class you’ll learn: Tips regarding price to improve the odds of getting your offer accepted How to use appraisal gaps and appraisal waivers and the dangers of doing so Using escalation clauses correctly and safely and how to avoid over-paying The importance of calling the Seller’s Broker and what to say and what NOT to … Read more

Wait! Before You Make That Offer…

Inspection Flowchart You’ve found the perfect property and you got to have it… WAIT! before you make that offer… here’s the two hour conversation I wish I could have before you make an offer on any property with the things you NEED to know. In this class you’ll learn: Have you read the contract? Did you do these critically important things with the contract yet? Do you FULLY understand Earnest Money, how it really works in this specific case and much more Do you have your down payment and understand when and how down payments work? Do you know all … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Earnest Money

Everything you wanted to know about Earnest Money and a whole bunch of stuff you didn't think you needed to know until I told you why you needed to know about it.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Are Earnest Money Checks Cashed?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Required?
  • Is Earnest Money Part of the Down Payment?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Refundable?
  • Is Earnest Money Returned?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Gift?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Personal Check?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Cash?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Used for Closing Costs?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Debit Card?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Credit Card?
  • What's Earnest Money?
  • What's Earnest Money When Buying a House?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Put Down?
  • How Much Earnest Money Is Normal?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Offer?
  • When Is Earnest Money Forfeited?
  • Who Gets Earnest Money When Buyer Backs Out?
  • How Do Earnest Money Disputes Work?
  • What About Earnest Money With Nothing Down Deals?
  • What About Earnest Money With Off-Market Deals?
  • Plus, much more...

Duration: 1 hour and 22 minutes
Recorded: October 21, 2020
Instructor: James Orr

Low-ball Offer Case Studies – Nomad™ 2017 Edition

How likely are you to be able to low ball a seller and get your offer accepted? How low can you go? Does it matter what time of year it is (seasonality)? Does it matter how long the property has been listed prior to me making my offer? Does it matter if it is a low priced property or an expensive property? Find out all about low ball offers in this special class. In this class you’ll learn: Why what Warren Buffet says about fair prices and wonderful prices applies to buying properties too What is sold price to list … Read more

Making Strong Offers That Get Accepted – Nomad™ 2017 Edition

What makes the difference in getting your offer accepted? Find out what weakens an offer and what strengthens an offer to improve the odds you get the best, most profitable deals. In this class you’ll learn: Negotiating hard and getting offers accepted: walking away with a happy grin on your face Buyer’s markets vs seller’s markets and how that impacts the offers you make Months of inventory and measure market temperature What to whispering in the seller’s agent’s ear before making your offer to seduce them into accepting your offer over other offers Walking the performance tight-rope… being sued versus … Read more