How to Buy a Rental Property

Buying Process Overview

In this special class, James will walk you through how to buy a rental property from the first meeting with your real estate agent through post-closing. About This Class This class is intended to be an OVERVIEW of the process to buy a rental property with the help of a real estate agent/broker. We have separate classes on finding off-market deals and creative financing. It is impossible to cover EVERYTHING in-depth in a single class. Instead, we have detailed classes covering just about EVERY step in this process. Please check the list of classes for more detailed information. Buying Process … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Earnest Money

Everything you wanted to know about Earnest Money and a whole bunch of stuff you didn't think you needed to know until I told you why you needed to know about it.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Are Earnest Money Checks Cashed?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Required?
  • Is Earnest Money Part of the Down Payment?
  • Are Earnest Money Deposits Refundable?
  • Is Earnest Money Returned?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Gift?
  • Can Earnest Money Be a Personal Check?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Cash?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Used for Closing Costs?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Debit Card?
  • Can Earnest Money Be Paid by Credit Card?
  • What's Earnest Money?
  • What's Earnest Money When Buying a House?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Put Down?
  • How Much Earnest Money Is Normal?
  • How Much Earnest Money to Offer?
  • When Is Earnest Money Forfeited?
  • Who Gets Earnest Money When Buyer Backs Out?
  • How Do Earnest Money Disputes Work?
  • What About Earnest Money With Nothing Down Deals?
  • What About Earnest Money With Off-Market Deals?
  • Plus, much more...

Duration: 1 hour and 22 minutes
Recorded: October 21, 2020
Instructor: James Orr

Establishing Your Buying Criteria Workshop

Buying Criteria Worksheet Before you start looking for properties, you may want to define what it is you’re looking for. What’s a deal for you? What types of properties? What locations? What price range? What income? What Cash on Cash Return on Investment? And much more… In this workshop class you’ll develop your own specific buying criteria: Why you may want separate criteria for different properties (single family homes, multi-family, commercial, house hacking, Nomad™, BRRR/BRRRR, fix and flip, wholesaling, out of state, etc) Downloadable Buying Criteria Worksheet The “Art” of selecting your buying criteria (narrow versus wide, time available to … Read more

How to Select a Real Estate Agent

Which Doctor does your Doctor see for advice? What Dentist does your Dentist go to? What Real Estate Agent would another Real Estate Agent hire to help them buy or sell a property? And, what factors are important in the selection? That’s what this class is all about. James and Tammy found themselves in need of a real estate agent/broker in another, distant city… how do you select a real estate agent to use? What’s important? What’s not? In this class you’ll learn: What’s the difference between real estate agents, brokers, Realtors, etc? And, should you even care? Who does … Read more