Real Estate Investor Rubicons

The recording failed so there is no recording. Topics discussed include: Definition of Rubicon and Milestone and how they relate to real estate investing Dan Sullivan’s The Gap and The Gain and Ben Hardy and Dan Sullivan’s The Gap and The Gain Charlie Munger’s idea that the first $100K is the hardest Math and a series of charts and tables showing why the first $100K is the hardest A discussion of ideas from Mike Summey’s book The Financial Security Bible: How to Build Wealth and Be Happy including: The Lifestyle of Failure The Lifestyle of Ordinary The Lifestyle of Success … Read more

The Ultimate FIRE Budget

The Ultimate FIRE Budget™

This workshop style class was taught by James Orr on March 31, 2022. Run time is about 1 hour and 13 minutes. Download a copy of the spreadsheet (below) and follow along. What is your current budget? How much do you need to achieve lean FIRE (or the minimum to be financially independent)? How much do you need to achieve fat FIRE (or your ideal lifestyle and true financial independence)? Use The Ultimate Financial Independence Retire Early Budget™ for Excel to determine all these numbers for yourself quickly and easily. Download What Does Financially Independent Mean? For more information, you … Read more

One Crazy Night – Brian Solves All Your Real Estate Problems

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