Overcoming Hurdles to Real Estate Investing

Most real estate investors face similar challenges, hurdles and obstacles: Where do I get my next down payment from? How do I overcome negative cash flow or improve the cash flow I have? How do I qualify for the best loans? How do I find what I’m missing (deals, dream team, partners, tenants)? How do I commit to achieving my real estate goals, get the courage to act despite fear, gain the capabilities I need or eliminate fears? This class helps you solve those challenges and more. Listen to the audio of this for free on the real estate investing … Read more

Real Estate Investor Loan Comparison Deep Dive

Loan Comparison Table Do you really want to dive deep and truly understand the differences between the loan options available for real estate investors to purchase properties? In this class we will show you how which loan you choose can impact how your investment performs with a thorough comparison of loan options. In this class you’ll learn: This class is intended to supplement the other financing classes we’ve taught (and we’ll try to limit how much we repeat here from there) The amazing loan comparison table with par rates from when we taught the class Comparing owner-occupant loans for Nomads™ … Read more

How to Get Down Payment – 2020 Edition

Return in Dollars for Various Down Payment Percentages If you need to come up with your down payment to do your first (or next) deal, then this is the class for you. James dives deep into everything related to down payments including how to get a down payment. In this class you’ll learn: It is not just down payment… but down payment and RESERVES Reduce and Produce: strategies to reduce the need for down payment as well as strategies to produce the down payment you need Will this work for you? How to minimize down payment when selecting properties How … Read more

Side Hustles: Earn Down Payments Faster – The Amazon Class

Brian pulls back the curtain and discusses how to use side hustles… including your own Amazon business… to earn down payments faster for your real estate investing in this special, deep-dive class. In this class you’ll learn: A solid list of possible side hustles you can use to speed up your down payment acquisition for real estate investing A ridiculously deep dive into an Amazon FBA business you can start Brian’s story about how he built his Amazon FBA business Can you get similar results? A discussion. A list of excuses for you pick from (or eliminate if you choose … Read more