The Ultimate Guide to Rent Comps

How do you know what a property will rent for? Rent comps… that’s how. Find out how to determine rent comps and interpret them to determine what a property is likely to rent for in this special one-time-only class taught by James on February 3, 2021. Below you’ll find an outline of what was taught in the class. But, first… Warning I don’t do my own property management I do not typically do my own rent comps… I typically call my property manager Rent is not an exact number and determining fair market rent is NOT an exact science We … Read more

Real Estate Appraisals for Real Estate Investors – 2019 Edition

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Comparable Sales 101 – 2018 Edition

How do you determine the value of a property? Is the property you’re about to buy a reasonable price? How much can I get if I sell a property I already own? Find out in this class on using comparable sales to determine property values. In this class you’ll learn: Can’t I just use Zillow? How accurate is Zillow’s home price estimate really? Why use comparable sales to determine property value What makes properties comparable to each other and what makes them different Making adjustments based on properties being sort-of similar but slightly different The 3 most important factors for … Read more