Overcoming Hurdles to Real Estate Investing

Most real estate investors face similar challenges, hurdles and obstacles: Where do I get my next down payment from? How do I overcome negative cash flow or improve the cash flow I have? How do I qualify for the best loans? How do I find what I’m missing (deals, dream team, partners, tenants)? How do I commit to achieving my real estate goals, get the courage to act despite fear, gain the capabilities I need or eliminate fears? This class helps you solve those challenges and more. Listen to the audio of this for free on the real estate investing … Read more

An Alternative to Cash Flow – Saving Money With Rental Properties

Return on Investment from Debt Paydown – Full Term of Loan Most real estate investors focus on cash flow from rental properties (and for some very good reasons), but in some markets and some situations it is important to understand how rental properties can be considered a vehicle for savings even if they are not producing immediate cash flow. In this class you’ll learn: What are your options if you find yourself in a market where it is difficult (or impossible) to find positive cash flow properties? Should you even still buy properties if they don’t cash flow with a … Read more

How to Improve Cash Flow Workshop

How to Improve Cash Flow Checklist Cash flow really is a combination of minimizing your expenses on your income properties and maximizing income. You, I think, need both. James takes you through a worksheet you can use with each of your rental properties to both minimize expenses and maximize income to dramatically improve and optimize cash flow in this class. In this class you’ll learn: A history of this class including James’ Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™ and Maximum Cash Flow Guarantee™ Download the How to Improve Cash Flow worksheet to follow along and improve cash flow on your rental properties … Read more