How to Use The Chart Options

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In the Real Estate Financial Planner™ we use Charts to display the data for Scenarios. Through various Charts we can explore what is happening with a specific Property or Account during a Scenario or use them to summarize an entire Scenario. This post will take you through the different viewing and limiting options for the Charts in your Planner™. Go To The Charts Page To view your Charts, click on Charts from the drop down menu across the top under Planner™. You can also access them by clicking the Chart icon on the Scenarios page. You can zoom in on … Read more

How to View Property Charts

It seems like everyone knows the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software you can view Charts that summarize the entire Scenario. But, did you also know that you can drill down and see Charts detailing any Property in the Scenario? Yes, it’s true. Holly will be explaining how to access these Charts just like we did when we were discussing viewing the Account Charts. She will include screenshots showing how to click through from the Scenarios page, to the Properties tab and then list the Property Charts available. Holly will also be adding in some samples of the different Charts you … Read more

How To View Charts

One of the most powerful features of the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software is the ability to view Charts for almost any view in your Scenario including: Charts summarizing the entire Scenario Charts detailing each Account in your Scenario Charts detailing each Property in your Scenario And Charts detailing each Goal in your Scenario To view the Charts, click on the Chart icon on the Scenarios page. For Monte Carlo Scenarios the icon for the charts looks slightly different as shown below. When you click on the Chart icon, you will be brought to the Chart for “Net Worth” summarizing … Read more