Cash Flow Power Meter™

Want to be able to easily see, at a glance, how powerful the cash flow is on any property? Now you can with the Cash Flow Power Meter™, In this class you’ll learn: What is the Cash Flow Power Meter™ Displaying 3 of the 4 returns in the Return Quadrants™ Cash Flow Power Meter™ is really a specialized chart of rent Interpreting the Cash Flow Power Meter™ Colors match the Return Quadrants™ Why the Cash Flow Power Meter™ is UNIQUE for each property and can’t easily be recreated Rent Resiliency™ and how that is displayed on the Cash Flow Power … Read more

Everything You Learned About Deal Analysis is Wrong – ROIQ+R™

Everything you learned about deal analysis is wrong. I can prove it and show you how you should be analyzing deals in this special deal analysis class. In this class you’ll learn: The evolution of deal analysis: some history It was always wrong to define cash flow as rent minus mortgage payment It was better (but still wrong) to consider income to be all income on the property (net of vacancy) It was better (but still wrong) to consider expenses to be all your expenses and not just your mortgage payment (including principal, interest, taxes, insurance, PMI, landlord paid utilities, … Read more

Beyond Cash Flow – The Return on Investment Quadrant™

Cash Flow isn’t the only return you receive with rental properties. You get appreciation, debt paydown, depreciation AND cash flow. In this class you’ll learn: An introduction to James’ Return Quadrants™ including the Return in Dollars Quadrant™, Return on Investment Quadrant™ and Return on Equity Quadrant™ When to use each quadrant Which returns vary based on your down payment? Which stay the same regardless of how much you put down? Which returns are speculative, variable and market dependent? Which are not? Which returns put cash in your pocket now? Which are cash later? What is the impact on Return on … Read more