Peter Contemplates 5%, 20% and 25% Down Payments with Market Variability

For the third week (and the final Real Estate Investor Story for the rest of 2020 as I take time for James), we discuss Peter … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Earnest Money

During: Buying Process Overview: Pre-Showings: Earnest Money

Earnest Money is all about being ready for earnest money when you make an offer to buy. It is the third step in the Pre-Showings process.


Check out the Earnest Money process and a comprehensive video below.

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Peter Considers 20% Down Payments Amidst Variable Stock Market, Price, Rent and Mortgage Interest Rates

In last week’s Real Estate Investor Story, we met Peter from Denver. Peter was contemplating whether to save up for 20% down payments or 25% … Read more