Arguably the Best Class of the Year – Part 3

Some topics are too short to be their own full two-hour class, but too important not to cover. We combine several mini-topics into one class that we call “Arguably the Best Class of the Year”. Part 3 What are the 3 ways to measure returns on your real estate investments, which do you focus on and when do you use the others? Should you continue to grow your 401K or liquidate it to invest in something outside of it (like real estate)? The surprisingly exciting and interesting exploration of real estate deed types Just 1% better… the miracle of compounding … Read more

Side Hustles: Earn Down Payments Faster – The Amazon Class

Brian pulls back the curtain and discusses how to use side hustles… including your own Amazon business… to earn down payments faster for your real estate investing in this special, deep-dive class. In this class you’ll learn: A solid list of possible side hustles you can use to speed up your down payment acquisition for real estate investing A ridiculously deep dive into an Amazon FBA business you can start Brian’s story about how he built his Amazon FBA business Can you get similar results? A discussion. A list of excuses for you pick from (or eliminate if you choose … Read more

Buying New Houses as Investments and Nomads™

How You Buy AC with New Construction Have you considered buying new construction properties as an investment or as a Nomad™? There are pros and cons to buying new construction as investments. In this class you’ll learn: The pros and cons of new construction The interest rate risk of new construction Avoiding bidding wars buying straight from the builder Equity: walking into instant equity or negative equity The annoyance of moving dates and deadlines Giving yourself time to find tenants/tenant-buyers before closing and why this might not always be possible The gotchas of appraisals on new construction Freebies included with … Read more

Deal Alchemy™ – 2018 Edition

Want to learn how to create deals in a deal-less market? Spin non-deals into amazing deals with Deal Alchemy™. In this class you’ll learn: Alchemy defined Is this really a deal-less market? What do deals look like now? Comparing a cash flow deal to a non-cash-flow deal What if we could “move” returns from one quadrant to another? Spinning appreciation to cash flow, for example? Moving returns between quadrants with a lease-option deal Deal Alchemy™ gives you additional tools in your toolkit Deal Alchemy™ example: Convert cash flow to debt-paydown Deal Alchemy™ example: All 4 quadrants by changing down payment … Read more