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The Real Estate Financial Planner™ is focused exclusively on being a hero to three specific types of real estate investors:

  • Buy-and-Hold Real Estate Investors
  • Nomads™
  • House Hackers

All of our content and resources are designed to make your lives better, easier, and more profitable. That includes more than 150 classes to help walk you through the investment process step by step! Here are our top recommendations for getting started.

How to Get Your First Deal Done

Get an overview of all our real estate classes in this two-hour presentation! This class is packed with tips on how to complete your first buy-and-hold, Nomad™, or house hacker purchase.

This is a class we’ve taught more than once, so feel free to explore our presentations from past years to learn more about how to buy your first investment to buy your first investment property.

Evaluating Mortgages and Comparing Lenders

Once you have an idea of how to work through your first deal, your next step is getting approved for a mortgage. In this two-hour class, learn how to evaluate and compare different mortgage brokers to find a mortgage that makes sense to you.

Are two amazing hours just not enough? Check out all our classes on financing real estate to learn more.

Beyond Cash Flow – The Return on Investment Quadrant™

There are four different areas of return you receive when you invest in real estate.

Return on Investment Quadrant™: Appreication, Cash Flow, Debt Pay Down, and Tax Benefits

Learn about each one in our special class on The Return on Investment Quadrant™.

Deal Analysis Spreadsheet

Videos are great, but you’re also going to need a spreadsheet to analyze potential deals and how they’ll ultimately perform as a rental. That’s why you will want to download and use The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™.

The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™

Creating A Personalized Real Estate Financial Plan™

One of the most powerful tools we offer is the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software. It allows you to model your own investments (stocks, bonds and all types of real estate) to evaluate risk and see when you’ll reach financial independence.

You can use the software to create your own Real Estate Financial Plan™ and stress test it for market corrections or unexpected events like COVID-19.

Create a free account and then use some of these resources to help yourself creating your own plan:

Of course, if you’d prefer to pay to have someone help you, you can purchase additional support.

Free Financial Independence Book

Between graduating college and starting his first job, my 21-year-old son asked me how to achieve financial independence over burgers. I gave him the hour-long answer and promised to write the longer answer down for him.

My “longer”, written answer became the book, “How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live Your Passion Regardless of Age or Income”.

Some have called it the most amazingly detailed book on how to achieve financial independence they’ve ever seen. Download it and see for yourself.

Additional Resources

We have so much more to offer than these resources for beginners. Explore our library of hundreds of real estate investing classes and “how to” articles to get started.

What do you think a new buy-and-hold investor, a Nomad™, or a house hacker could learn from? Leave a comment below!