Standard Process Improvement Questions

“Getting better” is a key Nomad philosophy.

With that in mind, I am constantly thinking of ways to better serve my own local Nomad clients (as well as other investor and owner occupant buyers and sellers). This extends beyond just my clients and into myself, my staff and my key partners.

Systematically going through each step of my processes and asking myself “get better” questions is how we ultimately get better and serve at a higher level.

The following are some key questions I ask myself about how I can improve our systems and processes and make them better.

  • What about this is difficult for my clients? How can I make it easier?
  • What about this costs my clients money and is there something I can do to make it less expensive for them?
  • What about this can potentially get my clients in trouble legally? What can I do to reduce or completely eliminate that risk?
  • What is risky about this for my clients? What I can do to reduce or completely eliminate that risk?
  • How can I make this more fun for my clients?
  • Is this something I can completely eliminate for my clients and do it for them? How?
  • Who is the best example of something doing this right? What can I learn, borrow, purchase, outsource to them for my clients?
  • Should I make a class on this topic?
  • Should I write out best practices for my clients?
  • How should I modify my processes to make this better, easier, more fun?
  • What does Brian, Daryl, Bethanne, Brendon, Royce, Mary, Adelina, Michael, Steve, Janet need right now related to his? How can I help them? For others: name your own clients here to see what they need related to this.

Copy and paste these questions onto a page with the system or process I am wanting to improve and answer them. Revisit and answer them again periodically. Implement the best ideas.

As you read through our systems and processes, if you’d like to suggest your own answers to these or other questions, you are strongly encouraged to leave comments on the post. James does read those.

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