Side Hustles: Earn Down Payments Faster – The Amazon Class

Brian pulls back the curtain and discusses how to use side hustles... including your own Amazon business... to earn down payments faster for your real estate investing in this special, deep-dive class.

In this class you'll learn:

  • A solid list of possible side hustles you can use to speed up your down payment acquisition for real estate investing
  • A ridiculously deep dive into an Amazon FBA business you can start
  • Brian's story about how he built his Amazon FBA business
  • Can you get similar results? A discussion.
  • A list of excuses for you pick from (or eliminate if you choose to).
  • The basics of starting your own amazing Amazon business
  • The basic supplies you'll need to get started
  • An overview of the basic process for retail arbitrage
  • The tools of the trade: what Brian uses
  • Getting paid again with cashback and gift cards (plus coupons)
  • Charts! (you know James loves him some charts but these are not real estate charts... he loves them anyway)
  • Evaluating rank and categories
  • Margin versus Return on Investment (ROI)
  • How to get started with $1,000
  • Scaling to $1K per month in profit
  • It's NOT all about the money
  • Summary and some motivating parting words
  • Plus a whole bunch more...

Duration: 2 hours and 34 minutes
Recorded: September 26, 2018
Instructor: Brian Williams