Should I Wait for a Real Estate Dip to Invest in Real Estate?

In this special two hour and 13 minute class recording, James discusses the pros and cons of waiting for a dip in the real estate market to start your real estate investing. Brian also gives a brief update on COVID-19.

Topics covered include:

  • COVID-19 update by Brian
  • Recent S&P 500 activity
  • Comparing house prices to stock prices
  • Real estate market performance during recessions
  • Fundamental versus technical analysis
  • Quotes by successful investors about timing the market
  • Real estate market cycles
  • Home builder profit margins
  • Where to keep your money while waiting to time the real estate market
  • Interest rates – a chart based history
  • The Return on Investment Quadrant™
  • Bigger Pockets new data set
  • The return on investment from debt paydown
  • Modeling assumptions for the two groups of test cases
  • Charts and insight into how waiting for a dip versus investing now performed for 25% down payment non-owner-occupant investing versus 5% Nomad™ investing
  • Insight into some better, Monte Carlo modeling of a Nomad™ investing strategy and random market corrections

After teaching The Ultimate Guide to Market Corrections, I consider this class to be a good preview and complement to the more advanced modeling I did in that class.

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