The Magical Referral Experience™

  1. Are you a buy-and-hold real estate investor, Nomad™ or house hacker looking to buy or sell a property and need a great real estate agent/broker to assist you?
  2. Do you want to get some extra Real Estate Financial Planner™ software benefits for allowing us to refer you at no additional cost to you?
  3. Looking to buy or sell in the next 30-90 days?

If that describes you, then welcome to The Magical Referral Experience™ by the Real Estate Financial Planner™.

What Is The Magical Referral Experience™?

The The Magical Referral Experience™ combines:

  1. The services of the best real estate agent/broker we know of for working with buy-and-hold real estate investors, Nomads™ and house hackers in the market you're buying/selling in, and
  2. The best classes, tools and modeling software we provide at the Real Estate Financial Planner™…

…and all of this for no additional fee beyond what you're already agreeing to pay the real estate agent/broker that will help you.

How Does It Work?

Here is a quick overview of the steps:

  1. Initial Consultation – During this call, we discuss your real estate goals and make sure it is going to be a good fit to refer you to one of the agents/brokers we've selected as referral partners.
  2. Referral – We introduce you to the agent/broker we're referring you to via email and you schedule your initial call with them directly.
  3. Free Plus Membership and Private Podcast Access – Once you've made contact with the agent/broker and you all agree to work together, we give you full access to the Plus Membership (a collection of over 200 hours of amazing real estate investor training materials, tools and downloads) and the ability to listen to the classes via podcast.
  4. You Buy/Sell A Property – Once you've bought/sold a property with the agent/broker we've referred you to and we've received our referral fee from them, you will get access to our Premium content, tools and downloads for one year (a $2,495 value).

What Does It Cost?

When you buy/sell a property with the agent/broker that we refer you to, we get paid part of the commission they earn from helping you.

There is no additional cost to you and you get all the additional bonuses we include.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to get started, schedule your initial meeting using the button below.

During that meeting we will discuss your real estate investing goals and make sure there is a good match for our referral process.

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Who Is It NOT For?

Who is NOT a good candidate for The Magical Referral Experience™:

  • If you're a real estate agent/broker yourself
  • If you treat your team members (agent/broker, lender, property manager) like crap
  • If you don't appreciate the work that agents/brokers do when helping you buy/sell
  • If you think its OK to share your login and password to our materials with others
  • If bad things always happen to you (or you always receive bad service when shopping/dining)
  • If you're always expecting the worst case scenario
  • If you're always right and others are frequently wrong
  • If it is never your fault and/or you feel like you're surrounded by idiots
  • If you believe for you to win, others must lose (especially with getting offers accepted)
  • If you have to squeeze every last dollar out of deal
  • If you believe that life is fair
  • If you feel others must change to accommodate you
  • If you live in a world of scarcity instead of abundance
  • If you think you know everything already and have nothing to learn

If this resembles you then the The Magical Referral Experience™ is not for you and you should find your own real estate agent/broker to work with.