Your Initial Real Estate Financial Plan™ Consultation

Finally, get answers to your most pressing questions about your situation:

  • When will my rentals and other investments provide enough income for me to achieve financial independence?
  • Should I sell my rental? And, if I do sell it, what does it look like if I invest it in A, B, C or D?
  • What does it look like to sell some rental properties and use that money to pay off others?
  • How risky is one strategy I’m considering compared to another?
  • How does my asset allocation change over time with my real estate and other holdings?
  • Plus, much much more…

With Your Initial Real Estate Financial Plan™ Consultation you get:

Step #1
Initial Intake Zoom Meeting

We get together one-on-one via a Zoom call and we enter your information into the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software. We discuss your current plan and what you’re considering doing. This usually takes between an hour to 2 hours depending on how complex your situation is.

Learn more about the Initial Setup of Your Situation.

Step #2
Analysis, Modeling and Plan Preparation

Once James has your initial information entered in the software he spends the next few days creating a variety of what-if scenarios, reports and plans. Depending on the complexity, this typically takes James about 6 to 12 hours of active work and, if James opts to do some  Monte Carlo modeling, usually the software running overnight to do all the calculations.

Step #3
Presentation of Findings

After James has worked his magic, we schedule a time to get back together where James presents his findings and shows you what some possible outcomes are based on your choices and how the markets perform. This typically takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on how complex your situation is and the questions you have.

Step #4
Continued Modeling on Your Own

After the Presentation of Findings we will copy the  Scenarios into your own Real Estate Financial Planner™ upgraded account. From there, you can do additional modeling, change assumptions, try new variations to your plan and much, much more. If you need additional help modeling things yourself, you can purchase support separately.

Your Investment: $2,495

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the time involved in providing this level of service, James only takes one new consultation of this nature per week and completes the plan in that week. So, that’s why there are only Monday appointments and why there is limited availability and possibly a delay in having your plan done.

Peace of Mind from Unprecedented Insights

Once we complete Step 1, we will have unprecedented insight into your initial plan.

Then, James will make copies of your initial plan and modify it to see the impact of alternative scenarios.

With multiple Scenarios to compare, we can see the impact of things like:

  • Buying more or less properties
  • Paying off loans or doing cash out refinances
  • Selling properties

See charts like these:

Licensing Information and Scope of Work Limitations – James Orr is a licensed Realtor in Loveland, Colorado with Your Castle Realty LLC. Real Estate Financial Planner LLC and James Orr are not SEC Registered Investment Advisors nor do they provide securities investment advice or advice regarding investing in, purchasing, or selling of securities. Real Estate Financial Planner LLC and James Orr do not provide legal or tax advice. Licensed professionals should be consulted with regard to these services.