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  • And, while rents are lagging…

A faster, easier, safer, more profitable approach to buying your next rental property.

For a limited time, our coaching for buyers is free after rebate if you use our Magical Referral Experience™ and we’re paid a referral fee. Schedule a free meeting for details.

Who Does What When Buying a Rental Property?

The following is a rough list of who does what when buying a rental property with the tasks that your real estate agent typically does for you as part of the purchase.

But, unfortunately, real estate agents are not trained to provide you with everything you need to successfully run a real estate investing business. Our group coaching helps to fill that gap. We assist you with:

Financial Independence Achievement

Learn exactly what it takes to be financially independent and how the property you’re considering buying will move you closer to achieving financial independence. You need to buy the right property and do the right things with that property to optimize your financial independence journey.

Real Estate Investing Strategies

Most real estate agents know the basics of real estate investing strategy, but none of them has modeled out how utilizing a variety of strategies in over 300 US markets perform. Which get you to financial independence the fastest? Which reduce your risk the most? Which give you the highest standard of living once you are financially independent? And more much more…

Down Payments

Return in Dollars for Various Down Payment Percentages

Learn all the strategies to reduce the need for down payments completely plus learn strategies for producing down payments that move you toward your goal of financial independence. Plus, learn about how various down payments impacts your overall return and specifically your cash flow.


Estimated Monthly Payments - All Loans

Some financing is significantly better than others to move you toward your goal of financial independence with real estate. Changing your financing plan can save you years on your journey to financial independence.

Dream Team Members

A local real estate agent is a great source for getting referrals to key dream team members, but understanding what each dream team members’ roles and responsibilities are can help you run your real estate investing business more effectively and efficiently at a lower cost, with less risk and shorter time to financial independence.

Returns from Real Estate

Return in Dollars + Reserves™

As the owner of your real estate investing business, you are responsible for optimizing returns on your investments. That means understanding your returns better than anyone else… and certainly better than what the typical real estate agent or lender does. With our unique, trademarked frameworks for understanding returns you’ll master your returns, optimize the right ones and be able to achieve financial independence faster, easier, more profitably and safer than ever before.

Deal Analysis and Spreadsheet

The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™

Ask your real estate agent for a spreadsheet to analyze deals and you’d be lucky if they have a decent one to share with you. Ask them to assist you in running the numbers and… good luck. We provide The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™ (plus other spreadsheets) and assistance in running the numbers as part of our coaching.

Manipulating Returns

Many real estate investors prefer cash flow to other types of returns (and for good reason), but few real estate agents understand Deal Alchemy™ and how to manipulate returns from appreciation to cash flow or debt paydown to cash flow or even how to do time compression to get more cash flow earlier when you might desire it most. Our coaching covers this in detail.

Minimize Expenses and Maximize Income on Rental Property

Years ago, I created the Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™ and Maximum Cash Flow Guarantee™ to help clients get the absolute lowest monthly payment when buying any property—including rental properties—and then how to absolutely maximize the income they’re generating from their rental properties with our 88 different strategies to improve cash flow and cash now with rentals. Our coaching is focused on helping you masssively improve cash flow despite high prices, high interest rates and lagging rents in a way that is safer, faster, easier, more profitably.

  • Depreciation – Depreciation is just one way to improve cash flow and cash now on rental properties… and through 2026 there are some additional, powerful depreciation strategies we can use to boost cash flow even more than usual.
  • Insurance – Cash flow is critically important, but so is managing risk. Insurance is one way we manage risk and understanding insurance as a real estate investing business owner is really important. Yet, few people are willing to help you understand and optimize it. We do. That way you can go speak with your insurance agent and get the right policy at the right price that makes sense.
  • Taxes – Understanding the tax advantages available to you as a real estate investing business owner is also important. Doing taxes wrong can cost you significant cash flow and, possibly even worse. But, failing to take advantage of opportunities available to you means you’re leaving your own money on the table. We help you understand what is available to you as a real estate investing business owner so you can work with your own tax professionals to implement them in your own tax returns.

Capital Expenses

Maintenance and CapEx Estimator for Rental Property - Advanced

CapEx can be the silent killer. It can take an otherwise profitable rental property and turn it into a cash-flow-eating junkyard dog of a property. We’ve created tools to help you understand, minimize and mitigage the devastating impact of capital expenses on your portfolio for our coaching clients.

  • Measuring, Mitigating, Warnings and Risks of Real Estate Investings – Life is full of risks and dangers. Real estate investing adds to some of those risks. As the real estate investing business owner, you need to understand all the risks. You need to mitigate those you can. You need to be able to measure risks and know which strategies will add to your risk and how much they add… so you can confidently weigh the pros/cons of a strategy versus the change in risk level by implementing that. We provide our coaching clients a framework and tools for accomplishing that.
  • Reserves – I’m going to shoot straight with you: it would be stupid for you to invest in real estate without proper reserves. But reserves are one of the most misunderstood aspects of real estate investing yet… when implemented correctly… reserves can be one of the best risk-reduction strategies you can utilize. Period. Plus, I can confidently say that every other deal analysis spreadsheet, book, class, webinar you’ve probably every taken on deal analysis is WRONG… I’ve yet to find one doing it correctly. We teach you the right way to analyze deals and how to think about and model reserves.

Asset Protection

We’re not attorneys and you’ll probably want to consult with one about your specific situation, but you won’t be meeting with them unprepared at their $500 per hour rates. You’ll learn some of the more commonly used strategies for protecting your hard-won assets so you can intelligently discuss implementing the strategies with your own legal advisors.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that we cover in coaching that you’re not likely to be taught by a real estate agent or a lender on your dream team… especially strategies to improve cash flow… when cash flow is both more important and harder to achieve than it’s been in a long time.

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