Sample Scenario 001 – Investing $100,000 in Stocks at Fixed 8.97% per Year

This is the very first “Sample Scenario” that you can use as a template to copy into your own Real Estate Financial Planner™ software and it is ridiculously simple. If this is the first thing you’re seeing for the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software you should know that this is as simple as it gets and that the software is capable of ridiculously complicated and sophisticated modeling (which you will see in other “Sample Scenarios”).

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  • Compare the results of this Scenario to another Scenario you’ve created to see how this (very basic) strategy compares to something else you’re considering

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SS 001 Investing $100,000 in Stocks at 8.97%/yr with 2  Accounts, 0 Properties, and 0 Rules.
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Key Charts To Consider

With each of the “Sample Scenarios”, I will try to recommend some of the more interesting Charts that you may want to look at once you copy the Scenario to your own Planner™. Because this particular Scenario is so basic, there really aren’t that many interesting things to look at.

First, there is no real estate owned in this Scenario at all, so there are zero Charts related to real estate that are worth looking at.

Second, we did not define any Goals for this Scenario so there are no interesting charts of Goals either.

That leaves just a couple of the summary charts that summarize the entire Scenario and a few Charts of the Stock Market Account to look at.

Of those in the Scenario summary Charts, the only ones even remotely worth looking at are:

  • Net Worth
  • Total Account Balances (which is essentially just Net Worth in this case)

As for Charts of the Accounts, I guess you could look at:

  • Account Balance but it will look like the Net Worth and Total Account Balances from the Scenario summary Charts
  • Cumulative Returns that shows how much cumulatively you’ve earned as a return from your stock market investments
  • Total Return This Month to see how much of a return your stock market investment is bringing in each month

You are welcome and in fact… even encouraged… to view these Charts with raw inflated dollars or adjust for inflation to see what the amount is like in today’s inflation-adjusted dollars.

Of course, you’re welcome to view all 100+ Charts from your Planner™ but they just aren’t very interesting because this Scenario where we just invest $100,000 once and let it sit in the stock market earning 8.97% per year for 60 years just isn’t that complicated.

Things For You To Test For Yourself

This “Sample Scenario” is a relatively good blank canvas to do some testing of some concepts for yourself or to build much more complex models on as a starting point.

For example, you might want to:

  • See how changing the Inflation Rate on the Scenario edit page impacts your inflation-adjusted Net Worth.
  • Add a Paycheck and Personal Expenses rule to model your earning power, your expenses and your monthly savings. You can also use this same Rule to model things like social security that starts at some date in the future.
  • See how changing the 8.97% Yearly Rate of Return on the $100,000 Invested in VTSMX at 8.97%/year account edit page impacts your Net Worth.
  • Add a Rule to make the 8.97% Yearly Rate of Return on the $100,000 Invested in VTSMX at 8.97%/year account vary instead of having it be fixed. If you’re going to make the Yearly Rate of Return variable, you may want to run the Scenario multiple times to see the range of results or do a full Monte Carlo analysis and have the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software run the Scenario multiple times for you and summarize the results on one Chart.
  • Add in Properties (which can be single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, apartments, commercial/industrial/retail buildings, and more).
  • Add Rules to model stock market corrections. Make them happen on a certain point in time or have them be random and see how that affects the Scenario.
  • Set Goals like for a certain dollar Net Worth or when your safe withdrawal rate from your stock market account can cover your Target Monthly Income in Retirement and you’ve hit you’re user-defined financial independence number.
  • Plus, much more…

Just Stocks

Here are some of the other “Sample Scenarios” that only have stocks in case you want to look for other ones that are similar to this one.

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Scenarios with Fixed Rate of Return on Stocks

Looking for other “Sample Scenarios” that have fixed rates of return for the stock market? I thought you might, so here are some other Scenarios where the stock market rate of return is fixed for the duration of the Scenario.

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I’m All Ears

If you have any questions about this Scenario (or anything else related), please do leave a comment below as I will be monitoring the comments on this blog for questions. I love this stuff and I’m happy to chat more about it.

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