Running a Real Estate Investor Club

In 2003, my friend/real estate investing partner and I were constantly being asked to lunch to talk to other local fellow real estate investors about what we were doing in our investing business. Eventually, we decided rather than have lots of one-on-one lunches where we basically shared the same thing, we’d get together at the public library once a month to share what we were doing and learn from other active investors in our Northern Colorado real estate market. That year NCREIG was born.

Over the last 14 years (as I write this), we learned a lot about what works and what did not work for us as we ran our real estate investor club. Our club today—which all the Nomad Investor Clubs nationwide are modeled—is very different than what we started with back in 2003. Heck, it is even significantly different than what we were doing 5 years ago. So much so,
that when people who haven’t been to a meeting in years come back, they’re often shocked and delighted to see the improvements we’ve made.

This page should serve as a resource for real estate agent and lender sponsors to see my best tips and suggestions for running their own local real estate investor club. I’ve also been thinking it might become its only stand alone book or course. You can read about some of the benefits of starting a real estate investor club on the sponsor page, so I won’t revisit that here. What I will talk about are tips and best practices for starting and running your own club.

Topics like:

  • What software should you use to manage your real estate investor club?
  • How do you check people in for a meeting?
  • How do you market a meeting?
  • How do you select topics for meetings?
  • How and what do you charge?
  • How do you gain more members?

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