Rental Property Resources

Since we’re fast approaching your next rental property and having to do some marketing for tenants and tenant screening, I wanted to make sure you knew all the goodies we have for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are providing you these resources to help raise your awareness about the complicated nature of managing properties. You should always consult your own attorney before managing properties on your own. Laws differ by area. Laws change. You may want to seriously consider hiring a professional, licensed property manager to manage your properties instead of doing it yourself. You agree to hold us harmless because you are agreeing to discuss all this with your own attorney. Seriously, don’t use this stuff without first discussing and getting approval by your own attorney.

I do NOT manage my own properties and haven’t since before 2010. I hire a professional property manager to manage my properties.

Before I get to the list, realize you should start going through this stuff AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We recommend starting to market to find your tenant 90 days in advance when possible. This isn’t always possible when you’re buying a property and can’t advertise it with the seller there.

New construction can be tricky… so clients should ask me about that.

So… here’s a quick list of some of the amazing stuff we have for you.


First, we have some classes available on the podcast, but these tend to be classes about buying properties (not renting, marketing for tenants or screening tenants).

You should access the most recent version of our class on Tenant Screening:

And, the most recent classes on Property Management:

And the most recent class on Solving Tenant Challenges:

We also have some info on Emotional Support Animals with guidance from the Fair Housing Administration and two classes where Brian discusses them.


Second, if you want/need a copy of my lease (and/or lease-option), let me know and watch the video about it here.

Ultimate Guide

Holly did also organize a lot of our property management resources into a single, long guide with links to resources like our Tenant Evaluation Criteria and Tenant Evaluation Worksheet among many other things in the Ultimate Guide to Property Management as well.


Also, I have a bunch of checklists on all aspects of the purchase, closing and property management after purchase. You can find what you need using the checklist outline.

There are checklists for renting and other parts of the business.

And finally, for clients… if you would like to call, email or get a free burrito (and sit down with me at Qdoba if COVID allows), I am happy to do that as well to help.

Just let me know.



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