Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet

When we teach the Tenant Screening class, we strongly encourage you to use a written Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet when processing each applicant. This is that form.

A special thank you to Brian Williams who shared his Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet with our local investor club. The Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet below is from him. Thank you Brian!

Here are images showing the newest version of the single page Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet.

Download Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are providing you these documents as examples for entertainment purposes only and you MUST have them reviewed and approved by your own attorney before using them yourself and in your own business. By using them you agree to hold us harmless. Seriously, don’t use this stuff without having your attorney review and approve them.

Download Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet as PDF

Download Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet for Excel

  1. Get or create "Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet"
    Get or create your own "Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet" to be used when tenants and/or tenant-buyers apply to rent your properties.

    Use the Nomad "Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet" as a starting point:

    Mark this task complete when you have your own "Rental Application Evaluation Worksheet".

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The following are improvements I plan to make to this page based on some of my Standard Process Improvement Questions.

  • Add downloadable version that is editable.

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