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  • Upgraded Real Estate Financial Planner™ account with more  Scenarios,  Accounts,  Properties,  Rules and  Goals.
  • Access to our Premium content

Here's what is currently available as Premium content:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Premium content is subject to change at any time, without warning.


You could consider pricing from 1 of 3 perspectives.

1. Pricing Based on What Clients Pay Us For The Information

Pricing is based on the amount of money clients would typically pay us (as their real estate broker) to help them buy or sell a property.

Alternatively… You can also request that we refer you via our Magical Referral Experience™ to a real estate broker to assist you in buying or selling. When you buy or sell a property with that broker, we typically receive a referral fee. Once we receive the referral fee, you can also receive 1 year of access.

You get 1 year of access to Premium when you buy or sell a property. This does NOT stack (so buying two properties in a year does not give you two years). Instead of stacking, your year starts at your last purchase.

We believe your real estate broker should be providing you this level of information and service. Or, you could purchase it from us if you're not receiving it from your real estate broker.

2. Pricing Based on The Value You Receive

What's the value of you being able to use real estate to completely fund your retirement?

What is it worth for you to be able to take the information we provide in almost 300 real estate investing classes and apply that information to achieve financial independence and live your passion regardless of your age or income? And, to be able to do it faster and safer than other plans you've been considering?

Many folks would gladly pay $10,000 to learn detailed strategies like Nomading™ where you can buy 4 properties that you'll rent out with the down payment you'd typically need for just one rental property. What's 3 down payments worth to you on rental properties in your market? In Northern Colorado that could easily be $80,000 for each 20% down payment or about $240,000 total for 3 properties.

  • What's it worth to NOT buy the wrong property?
  • What's it worth to NOT get the wrong financing?
  • What's it worth to truly understand the pros and cons of selling properties and return on equity?
  • What's it worth to have the right insurance and plan that protects you and your valuable assets when things inevitably go bad?

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. And, I believe the value you're receiving is a very large multiple of the price you're paying.

3. Pricing Based on Real Estate Courses

Many real estate courses are $500 to $1,000 usually for about 8-10 hours of content. We have almost 300 classes included with Premium… conservatively 500 hours of content. That's the equivalent of about 50 real estate courses (500 hours/10 hours per real estate course). At $500 per course, Premium is arguably worth $500 per course × 50 courses = $25,000. If the courses were the more expensive $1,000 courses then it would be closer to $50,000.

Either way, $2,495 for Premium is discounted even though some of the content is advanced and exclusive to Real Estate Financial Planner™.