Our Plus membership plan gives you expanded access to the following Real Estate Financial Planner™ software features.

You can have the following number of assets saved to your Planner™:

  • 2 Scenarios – compare your  Scenarios
  • 4 Accounts
    • 3 custom Accounts.
    • 1 Account is always the default Cash Account.
  • 4 Properties*
    • 15 Properties per Scenario
  • 4 Rules
  • 2 Goals
  • 100+ Charts for Scenarios, Accounts, Properties and Goals

When Editing  Properties

Additional Plan Details

  • Run your  Scenarios instantly (in most cases) with the “Run Now” button.
  • Run priority: better
  • Days before archive: 7 days
  • Resolution for chart export: 1280 pixels x 720 pixels (16:9 format)
  • No  Folders
  • No  Monte Carlo
  • No  Machine Learning Optimization

Support Included

  • Limited email support
  • Additional non-email support available for purchase separately.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Properties can be Dynamic Properties which act like a template that you can buy more than one of within Scenarios.

Limited to a maximum of 15 Properties per Scenario. This means that most Properties you can have in any given Scenario will be 15 total (including copies of Dynamic Properties). This prevents you from overloading the server by buying an excessive number of Properties.