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Thinking about going to a “free” real estate seminar (where they sell you on attending their paid seminar)? Or, maybe you're about to go to a real estate seminar that costs $100-$300? Or, maybe… just maybe… you already paid a company $3,000 to $30,000 or more to “master” real estate investing, get coaching/mentoring, software and tools?


Before you spend another penny on expensive real estate seminars… check out these recordings of the best real estate seminars… you can always give them $30,000 after you've learned everything for free here if you want. 🙂

Financing 101

One of the first things you will want to learn about as a real estate investor is investment property loans and that's exactly what James covers in detail in this special real estate seminar on Financing 101.

Amazing Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Using a very similar presentation to the Financing 101 class above, this real estate seminar also teaches you about how to finance rental properties from October 11, 2017.

Financial Mindset and Overcoming Fear

To be successful investing in real estate, you need to get your mind right and get over your fears. Learn how in this real estate seminar recording.

How to Choose a Realtor

One of your key dream team members that you will want to find when getting started in real estate investing is an investment real estate agent. The video below goes over how to select an investment property Realtor.

The Ultimate Guide to the BRRRR Strategy

Want to learn about an investing strategy where you can invest with little or no money or acquire properties and get all your money back out? That's what the BRRRR strategy is all about. Learn about it in this recording of the 2-hour real estate seminar.

Buying at a Discount to Refi and Hold

Want more info on the BRRRR strategy? Here's another real estate seminar I gave on the same topic.

Beyond Cash Flow: The Return on Investment Quadrant™

Think that investing is ALL about cash flow? There are 3 other primary components of return that you're forgetting about (appreciation, cash flow from depreciation and deby paydown). Learn about the Return on Investment Quadrant™ those plus a lot more in this special recording of the two hour real estate seminar.

Advanced Lease-Option Deal Analysis

If you'd like to know more about how to use our deal analysis spreadsheet and learn about buying properties and offering them on a lease-option to improve your returns, then this real estate seminar recording is for you.

Line of Credit Magic

Interested in learning more about how to use lines of credit and home equity lines of credit for improving your real estate investing? Check out this special real estate seminar by Daryl Stolte below.

The rental property calculator referenced in this class is available to you for free as well. Use it to analyze real estate deals. Use the Real Estate Financial Planner™ to model your entire real estate investing strategy.

Rules of Thumb and the Sacred Numerology of Real Estate Investing

Do you know about the 1% rule, 2% rule, 3% rule, 50% rule, rule of 69, rule of 72, rule of 144 and all the other critically important real estate investing rules of thumb? Learn about all of them in this real estate seminar recording.

Presenting a Deal to Potential Partners

Don't have down payment? Don't have deals? Can't get a loan? Maybe you should consider partnering with folks that have the resources you're lacking. And, if you're going to be partnering, you may want to check out this real estate seminar on how to present a deal to potential partners.

Capital Expenses: The Silent Killer

What's the most dangerous thing about investing in real estate? Declining values? Declining rents? Poorly behaving tenants? Nope… it's capital expenses… the silent killer. Learn why they are so dangerous and what you can do about them in this special real estate seminar recording.

Creative Financing

There are six different groups of creative financing for real estate investors. In this real estate seminar I cover them all in detail.

Owner Financing

Want to learn about how to get the seller to act like the bank and accept payments from you when you purchase the property? This is called Owner Financing and you can learn all about it in this special real estate seminar recording that I gave on July 20, 2016.

1031 Exchanges

Want to learn how to defer (or possibly completely eliminate) your taxes due when selling rental properties? Check out this special real estate seminar on 1031 Exchanges.

Or, if you want additional info on utilizing 1031 tax deferred exchanges in your real estate investing strategy check out The Ultimate Guide to 1031 Exchanges as well.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor book by Jay Papasan and Gary Keller

One of the best books on real estate investing is the Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Jay Papasan and Gary Keller. In this special class, we talk about some of our biggest take-aways from the book. Buy a copy of the book from your favorite book seller and join us for a conversation in this real estate seminar.

More Real Estate Seminars

Since it is hard to have all the videos on this one page, you can see a list of the all the real estate seminars we have below.

Or, check out the seminar recordings we have organized by the following topics:

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