Real Estate Financial Plans Podcast Guest

So, you have a least a little tiny bit of interest in being a guest on the Real Estate Financial Plans™ podcast?

Here’s a great big hug and a heart-felt THANK YOU!

Without folks like you that volunteer to be guests on the podcast, the podcast simply would not exist. It would be like Sasquatch… often talked about, rumors of sightings, but whose very existence is in question.

So… sincerely… thank you for your interest in being a guest and having us create a Real Estate Financial Plan™ with you live on the podcast.

Before we work up your real estate financial plan for the podcast, I do need to lay a little groundwork by sharing some crazy important things with you about being on the podcast. Sort of like… the pre-requisites for being a guest.

After you’ve consumed the info below and you’re as excited as I am about having you on as a guest, go ahead and use the blue button below to schedule our time together to record your episode.

Here’s the important stuff.

You Must Be This Tall To Ride This Ride… And Other Rules To Be On This Podcast As A Guest

Important. Seriously… this is very important stuff. Read and obey… or don’t. But if you don’t, you just can’t be on the podcast as a guest.

  • We will be providing you a link to be able to see our computer screen as the real estate financial plan is being created, so you don’t need to worry about that. But you will need a computer and a good enough internet connection so that you can see it while we go over it. Without that, you’re be flying around like a bat on a moonless night. Unless you’re a master at sonar, it won’t work out well for you.
  • Audio quality on podcasts is kind of a big deal. If your audio quality is horrible, ain’t nobody gonna want to listen to your podcast and you ain’t going to be no internet super star. You probably need a good microphone for recording the podcast session. For the screen-share software, you can choose to use your computer audio or you can choose to call in on a phone line. So, you will either need a microphone for your phone or your computer. The headphones that come with your iPhone that have a microphone as well could work on your phone.
  • My kids are mostly grown-ups now, so I won’t have to worry about them making noise in the background. So, if there are kiddos making noise in the background of the podcast, they’re probably your kids. I’ll try to keep my dog and cat quiet too. In general, we’d ideally like a noise-free environment to record the podcast episodes so keep that in mind when you pick the time to schedule your recording.
  • Tammy and I were both sailors in the US Navy, but for this episode, let’s NOT practice cursing like sailors. Let’s keep the language PG-13.
  • I would think this is obvious, but maybe it never occurred to you: if you want to be a guest on the podcast, that means you are giving us permission to record the podcast and publish it as a podcast. That also means you’re giving us permission to market the crap out of it as well. Provided I can muster up the motivation to do some work, I will try to make you an super-star in the internet community by maximizing exposure of the podcast which may include your episode and the others. You’re welcome.
  • We pre-record everything… you won’t be broadcast live. We will publish it after.
  • If I suck… or if something ain’t amazing from the recording… we do reserve the right to just forget about the recording (like eighth-grade prom night) and not publish it. Our choice and for own reasons.
  • No money will be changing hands for this recording. There will be no direct money in this for me or for you. I won’t be getting a paycheck for recording this with you. Neither will you. Who knows… maybe you will become internet famous from being on the podcast and that money’s all yours, but we won’t be paying you to be on the podcast, or when others listen to the podcast or anything like that.
  • You will need to gather up info on your current investments for the podcast. I outline what you need below. Don’t schedule it until you gather it. If you haven’t gathered your stuff, the episode will consist of me asking for the info and you saying you don’t know. You’re not likely to become famous repeatedly saying you don’t know. Just saying.

Be Prepared!

We will be entering info… info provided by you… into the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software and helping you create a detailed Real Estate Financial Plan™.

Before you schedule your episode, please make sure you have the following gathered up and ready-to-go for your recording.

For Each Property You Already Own

  • Month and Year Purchased
  • Estimated current value
  • Original purchase price
  • Current mortgage payment amount (just principal and interest)
  • Current monthly property taxes
  • Current monthly mortgage insurance premium
  • Current monthly HOA payments
  • Mortgage interest rate
  • Remaining mortgage balance
  • Total cost to close when purchased (you can estimate this if you don’t know)
  • If it is rented or will be rented: monthly rent

For Properties You Plan To Buy In The Future

I’m going to ask you… in general terms… what types of properties you plan to buy in the future. For each of those properties, we need to plug in some numbers for them. Here’s what you need for each of them.

  • Purchase price and value
  • Down payment amount or percentage
  • Monthly rent
  • Approximate property taxes, HOA, insurance (we can guess if you don’t know and you can update it later)

Simplified Income and Expense Stuff

For modeling how much money comes in each money, how much goes out each month and how much is left over that you’re saving/investing… we will need some basic info about your gross income and your gross expenses.

Typically, I’ll ask you how much you make gross each month and what your living expenses are (not including real estate you own). The software will do the math for how much you’re saving if we enter income and expenses.

If you want to mode social security for you (and your spouse), it helps if you happen to know your estimated social security benefit as well. If you don’t we can always put a placeholder value in and you can update it to be more accurate later.

  • Gross monthly income
  • Monthly expenses (not counting real estate expenses)
  • If you happen to know: your estimated monthly social security benefit when you retire
  • If you happen to know: your effective income tax rate
  • If you happen to know: your target monthly income in retirement (otherwise we will use what you’re earning now)

Simplified Current Savings/Investments

While you can model multiple accounts and investments with the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software, for the sake of time, we will likely model combining all your investments into one—maybe two—accounts that will be used as a catch all account.

  • Approximate amount of money you have set aside for investing or invested
  • The approximate return on investment you’re getting on that account

Podcast Format

Right now, we are thinking the podcast will run about an hour. The first 30 minutes or so will be spent plugging in as much of your personal data as we can to get the plan setup. Then, we will spend the remaining 30 minutes looking at the results of the plan.

If, for some reason, we can’t get through entering all your info, no worries… you will be able to copy what we did to your own Real Estate Financial Planner™ account and add/edit/delete stuff to see the impact on your plan.

As a thank you for being on the show, we typically will give you a week or two free on one of the higher level Real Estate Financial Planner™ premium plans for you to go back and look at the details of your plan.

Get It Scheduled

Got all your info gathered? Great… let’s get this on the calendar. Use the big blue button below to schedule a time for us to record your episode and create your plan.

Click It To Schedule It!

Podcast Official Launch

This is a new podcast for us.

We are planning to record the first 10 episodes of the podcast before officially launching it.

How long will that take? I wish I knew… it depends on people like you… we need 10 volunteers to get to 10 recordings.

My best guess is that we will be officially launching in January, 2020.

Did I Miss Something?

Did I miss something? Do you need more info before you schedule yourself as a guest on the podcast? Email [email protected] or leave a comment below.