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Professional Services Provided is all about understanding what your real estate agent does for and what other professional services you are likely to need when buying a home and who provides those other professional services. It is the second step in the First Meeting with your real estate agent process.

Going over the Professional Services Provided is something that is usually done during Week 1 of the Ultimate Nomad Checklist™.


Here’s the list of the Professional Services Provided and who provides them in a real estate transaction:

  • Appraisal of the Property – Licensed Appraiser
  • Assistance with Showings – Realtor® – Any MLS Property
  • Condition of the Property – Buyer/Inspector (Not Realtor®)
  • Contract Acceptance – Buyer/Seller determines terms of the Contract
  • Contract Drafting – Attorney at Law
  • Contract Preparation – Realtor® – Fill in blanks
  • Home Warranty – Home Warranty Company
  • Improvement Location Certificate – Surveyor
  • Inspection (Recommended) – Inspector
  • Inspector Selection – Buyer
  • Legal Advice – Attorney (Prohibited for Realtor®)
  • Lender Selection – Buyer
  • List of Home Inspectors – Realtor®
  • List of Lenders – Realtor® and/or Buyer
  • Loan Rate/Term Decision – Buyer
  • Market Evaluation Realtor® – Not appraisal
  • Megan’s Law (sex offenders) – Buyer and local law enforcement
  • Methamphetamine – Industrial Hygienist
  • Mold Inspection – Mold Inspector – Environmental Professional
  • Negotiations – Realtor®
  • Neighborhood Crime (all areas have some) – Local Police or Sheriff
  • New Loan – Bank or Your Mortgage Company
  • Structural – Structural Engineer
  • Survey (not ILC) – Surveyor
  • Taxes – CPA or Accountant
  • Termites – Termite Inspector
  • Title Examination – Title Company or Your Attorney

Complete "First Meeting: Professional Services Provided" checklist

ASAPFirst MeetingFirst Meeting: Professional Services ProvidedUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 1

Receive a copy of "Professional Services Provided"

Receive a copy of "Professional Services Provided".

James usually provides this via DocuSign for you to sign electronically along with:

  • "Definitions of Working Relationships"
  • "Exclusive Right-To-Buy Listing Contract"
  • "Brokerage Disclosure Regarding New Construction"

Mark this task complete once you've received it.

ASAPFirst Meeting: Professional Services ProvidedPaperworkProfessional Services ProvidedUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 1

Discuss the "Professional Services Provided" with your Real Estate Broker

Discuss the "Professional Services Provided" with your Real Estate Broker.

ASAPFirst Meeting: Professional Services ProvidedPaperworkProfessional Services ProvidedUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 1

Sign "Professional Services Provided" via DocuSign

Your Real Estate Broker will typically send over the "Professional Services Provided" with the other documents for you to sign via DocuSign.

Sign these by click on the link in your email and you will receive a copy of the signed documents via DocuSign.

Mark this task as complete when you've signed your documents from your Real Estate Broker via DocuSign.

First Meeting: Professional Services ProvidedPaperworkUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 1

Save copy of "Professional Services Provided" to your Dropbox folder

Save copy of "Professional Services Provided" to your Dropbox folder using the filename format of:

"YYYY-MM-DD - YOUR NAME - Professional Services Provided.pdf"

Where YYYY = the year, MM = the two digit month, DD = the two digit day of the month and YOUR NAME is your actual name.

For example, mine might look like this:

"2019-04-03 - James Orr - Professional Services Provided.pdf"

Mark as complete when you've saved it to your Dropbox.

ASAPFirst Meeting: Professional Services ProvidedNew ConstructionPaperworkUltimate Nomad ChecklistWeek 1

Once you’ve gone over these, you can move on to discussing Your Real Estate Goals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This checklist is based on what I personally use with clients in Northern Colorado. Please rely on your local real estate agent for how it works in your local real estate market. This process will definitely vary in different States.

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