Pro Pricing for Real Estate Agents

Professional membership levels available for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers to attract more clients and better serve existing clients.

Included Assets Real Estate Financial Planner™ Professional Membership Plans
FREE Plan Professional Plan Elite Plan
Custom Branded Book to Attract and Educate Prospective and Current Clients
Book Sponsorship Program Not Included Included Included
Your Contact Info on Cover No Yes Yes
# Copies Included With Setup Fee No 10 Free Color Copies 10 Free Color Copies
Order More Color Copies As Needed No $20 each $20 each
Order a sample unbranded version of the How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live Your Passion Regardless of Age or Income: 10 Paths to Financial Independence Analyzed book from Amazon to see it for yourself.
Tools and Resources to Give Away To Serve Your Existing Clients
Custom Branded Book (Above) Not Included Included Included
Deal Analysis Spreadsheet Not Included Included Included
# REFP Plus Account Coupons None 100 Coupons 200 Coupons
Dollar Value of Plus Account Coupons $0 $19,900 Value $39,800 Value
Click to Upgrade Now... FREE $999 Setup, Then $199/month $999 Setup, Then $299/month
Your Real Estate Financial Planner™ software Account Specs
# Scenarios 1 100 200
# Accounts 2 100 200
# Properties 2 100 200
# Properties per Scenario 11 / 20 / 25 /
# Rules 2 200 400
# Goals 1 100 200
# Monte Carlo per Scenario None 10 / 100 /
Monte Carlo Charts No Yes Yes
Expected Value Charts No Yes Yes
Advanced Tax Modeling No Coming Soon Coming Soon
Machine Learning Optimization No No No
# Folders None 50 100
# Charts 100+ 100+ 100+
Compare Scenarios on Charts No Yes Yes
Click to Upgrade Now... FREE $999 Setup, Then $199/month $999 Setup, Then $299/month
Bonus Spreadsheet Resources
Deal Analysis v4.01 No Yes Yes
Rental Bookkeeping/Accounting No Yes Yes
Interest Rate Buy Down No Yes Yes
Live Screen-Share Support/Setup Available for Purchase Separately
Click to Upgrade Now... FREE $999 Setup, Then $199/month $999 Setup, Then $299/month
Additional Technical Specifications
Run Priority Lower Means Faster Lowest High Higher
Monte Carlo Run Priority None Lowest Lowest
Days Until Archived 3 60 120
Chart Export Resolution in pixels 640 × 360 1,280 × 720 1,280 × 720
Click to Upgrade Now... FREE $999 Setup, Then $199/month $999 Setup, Then $299/month