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Included Assets Real Estate Financial Planner™ Membership Plans
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Educational Content
Financial Independence Book
Buying Properties Podcast 40+ Episodes 40+ Episodes 40+ Episodes
Buying Properties Classes 40+ Videos 40+ Videos 40+ Videos
Weekly Live Classes
Q&A at Live Classes
Premium Class Recordings 40+ Videos
Investor Checklists Limited Limited
Access to The Vault Available for Purchase Separately
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Downloadable Resources
Deal Analysis v4.30
Rental Bookkeeping/Accounting
Interest Rate Buy-Down
$6,000 Lease
Option (for Lease-Options)
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Real Estate Financial Planner™ Modeling Software
#  Scenarios 20 20 20
#  Accounts 100 100 100
# Properties as templates 100 100 100
# Properties per Scenario 25 / 25 / 25 /
# Rules 200 200 200
#  Charts 100+ 100+ 100+
 Scenarios,  Accounts, Properties and Rules can be deleted.
So, the number above is really a max you can have saved at any given time.
Cash Flow Power Meter™
Return in Dollars Quadrant™
Return on Investment Quadrant™
Return on Equity Quadrant™
ROIQ+R6™ & ROIQ+R12™
Compare  Scenarios on  Charts
Live Screen-Share Support/Setup Available for Purchase Separately
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Additional Technical Specifications
Run Now Button
Run Priority Good Better Best
Days Until Archived 3 3 3
 Chart Export Resolution in pixels 640 × 360 1,280 × 720 1,280 × 720
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The  Monte Carlo,  EV,  Machine Learning and  Folders features are NOT included in any of the plans above.

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