Prepare For Investor Meeting Checklist

The following is the checklist to be used primarily by Real Estate Agent and/or Lender Sponsors to get ready for an investor meeting. It is based on what I use as our checklist for preparing for our investor classes in Fort Collins.

Pre-Class Marketing

  • Make sure that there is a class on Meetup.
  • Write description of class and make sure that it is updated on Meetup for that event.
  • Post link to Meetup class on Facebook page for NCREIG
  • Post link to Meetup class on Facebook page for Nomad
  • Post link to Meetup class on Facebook page for James Orr Real Estate Services
  • Post link to Meetup class on Facebook page for my personal account (and encourage other members of our team to do the same)
  • Post link to Meetup class on CraigsList in classes section to get more people to attend classes
  • Ask people to share the link to the class on their own Facebook streams on Facebook and to invite friends to attend
  • Create Facebook ad for this meetup and run them up to the day of the meeting.
  • Send email blast to all people on our MailChimp account
  • Send email blast to all people on our Drip account

Bring With Me To Class

  • Bring crate of supplies which includes:
    • Name Tags – We use three different color “Hello! My Name Is _________________” name tag stickers for people. Each color means something different (and I should probably write an article on why we do that later)… red is for “Admins”, green is for Nomads, black is for everyone else. If we do not have a full spare roll, order more from eBay.
    • At least 2 black Sharpie markers (for name tags). If we are below 3 that work great, order another box from Amazon or buy them at Sam’s Club.
    • iPhone Adapter for audio out on iPhone to stereo mini-plug so we can plug my iPhone into the speaker to play music from Spotify playlist as people arrive.
    • Laser pointer and PowerPoint clicker to be able to advance the slides while presenting.
    • Pair of wireless lapel microphones and wireless microphone base so we can get a better quality audio recording.
    • 1/4 inch plug to USB cord to plug wireless microphone base into computer to record audio from presentation.
    • Replacement AAA batteries for PowerPoint clicker. If we’re down to 2 or less, order more from Amazon or buy them at Sam’s Club.
    • Replacement AA batteries for wireless microphones. If we’re down to 4 or less, order more from Amazon or buy them at Sam’s Club.
    • At least 10 copies of “Nomad” book to give away to new attendees. If I am down to less than 20 “Nomad” books total, order 30 more from CreateSpace since it takes weeks to actually receive them.
    • Sign in sheets for new members.
    • Print out of Meetup Attendance Sheet for checking people in.
    • If applicable: Handouts for that night’s class.
    • If applicable: extra copies of this month’s Newsletter to give out to guests and non-clients not already receiving it.
    • At least 20 copies of the Class Feedback Form to get feedback from members.
    • At least 3 Pens to check people in.
    • USB Flash Drive with PowerPoint presentation on it and space to be able to save the recording to it from the computer when I’m done.
    • James’ Business Cards in case people want one.
  • Bring iPhone with Spotify playlist for meetings pre-downloaded to be able to play music while people arrive. Can also use iPhone to make a backup audio recording in case the primary recording fails.
  • Computer to present class with PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio installed and a power cord. If we’re meeting at the Fort Collins Board of Realtors, we have a computer there we can use already that has both PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio installed.


The following are improvements I plan to make to this page based on some of my Standard Process Improvement Questions.

  • Convert this checklist to the dynamic checklist system that we can mark off and keep track of the results.
  • Add photos of what my crate looks like and what is inside it each week (separate photos of each item).
  • Show examples and PDF downloads of my forms like the sign in sheets, Meetup attendance sheet, class feedback from, etc.

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If you have any questions about it, please use the comments section below.

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