Paying Off Debt Optimization for Real Estate Investors

In this special 2 hour and 7 minute class recording, Brian dives deep into optimizing your debt payoff strategies as a real estate investor.

  • Learn different strategies for paying off debt of all types (credit cards, car loans, student loans, rental property mortgages, home mortgage, life insurance loans) including the fastest strategy, the least costly strategy and the most likely strategy for you to follow through and actually implement
  • Debt snowball, avalanche and snowflakes
  • When should you start aggressively paying down on your mortgages
  • A discussion of which debt you may not want to ever pay off
  • The rate of return you're earning as you pay off debt early
  • A discussion of Return on Investment and Return on Equity (check out the Return on Investment Quadrant™ and Return on Equity Quadrant™)
  • Paying off debt with cash flow or as a lump sum in full… the pros and cons of each
  • The downside of paying off debt and the illiquidity of equity
  • Buying more houses than you need then selling off part of them to pay off the rest
  • And much more

This class was taught on July 8, 2020.

Many of these concepts are also taught… in a very different form… in the book I wrote for my son and the Intro to FIRE class.

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