Overcoming Fear with Tony Robbins’ Three Mandates of Leadership

Earlier this year I took my oldest son, JC, to experience a Tony Robbins 4 day event in West Palm Beach, Florida. For the first day we sat apart so he could grow without his father lurking over his shoulder. I think he got a lot out of the time we spent together, separated, at the event. I know I did.

One of the things I took away from this event was what Tony Robbins calls the “Three Mandates of Leadership”. I think sharing it would also help Nomads overcome fear. Here are the three mandates paraphrased:

  1. See things as they are (not worse than they are)
  2. See things better than they are
    • Not as perfect, but just a little better
    • Overcoming fear is about making progress and growth
    • Notice there is a difference between how they are and your slightly better version
  3. Take immediate action toward bridging the gap between how they are how you want them to be

As Tony points out leadership (and overcoming fear for that matter) is about making progress, so it is especially important for us to continue to take persistent, repeated action toward a worthy goal or idea. Earl Nightingale says that, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”

One of the things we strive to provide with our Nomad Investor Clubs is the on-going education, resources and tools for you to learn the basics of Nomad, then to master the Nomad™ principles and implement Nomad. Hopefully, the combination of the three mandates and our on-going commitment to you will help you overcome fear and succeed as a Nomad.

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