One Crazy Night – Brian Solves All Your Real Estate Problems

In this 2 hour and 13 minute class, Brian (and a little bit of James) take your questions live and answer them.

Topics Covered

Since this is the equivalent of a “call-in show”, the topics covered are diverse. For future classes of this type, we were looking to solve challenges like:

  • What real estate investing issues cause you to lose sleep?
  • What concerns do you have now or in the future?
  • What are you having issues with?
  • What are you fearful about in real estate investing?
  • What's preventing you from getting your next deal done?
  • Why aren't you taking massive action now?

Here's what was actually discussed in the recording:

  • COVID-19 Update
  • Taxes (and specifically reducing taxes) on the Nomad™ investing strategy
  • Setting real estate goals and The Phases of Financial Independence™
  • Getting the money to do deals
  • Pulling out equity for investment
  • A property management question about a specific tenant challenge
  • Analyzing Nomad™ deals using Brian's Deal Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Renting out a house by the room or to one family/group and a brief mention of occupancy limits in cities in Northern Colorado which we usually cover in the House Hacking classes.
  • Should we have videos of our properties for virtual video tours during COVID-19? We've been telling you to do videos even before COVID-19 in our Property Management Classes… so YES!
  • Should you list a property to sell now or wait with COVID-19? In most cases… wait if you can.
  • In our current market should you stretch yourself financially or wait? Complicated answer, but in most cases… build up reserves and wait.
  • Crystal ball out: will rents go up, stay the same or go down? My crystal ball says they will stay level for a bit, but James felt it was a deceptive question, because what they're really asking about is cash flow and that's a slightly different answer.
  • Are our opinions specific to Northern Colorado? Yes. How would this apply to Denver? Very similarly.
  • Impact of extremely low oil prices on oil and gas industry and specifically Greeley real estate market. Some, but not significant.
  • Briefly discussed: forbearance to boost cash flow and buff up your reserves, what you should be doing during COVID-19 lockdown as a real estate investor (hint: analyze deals), being careful about who you idolize.
  • Plus some other minor discussions and tangents.

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