Nomad Means Freedom

Continuing to read more on Stoicism and today’s reading is about education being freedom.

I disagree.

Just as I disagree that knowledge is power. Knowledge is potential power. Acting based on knowledge is power.

Knowing about the Nomad model does not give you freedom, but acting on it does.

Once you decide to take the first step on the Nomad path and buy your first property, you start gaining your freedom.

Your property begins working toward your freedom for you. You’re getting tax benefits from owning property. Your property is keeping pace with inflation as Case-Shiller proved with their analysis. Since you presumably did not pay all cash for the property, you’re leveraging the benefits of inflation. You’re paying down the debt on the property with each monthly payment. And, eventually, your tenants will be paying your mortgage giving you all of these benefits and ultimately (although in many markets not always immediately) you will get positive cash flow.

Knowing the Nomad path and following it yourself gives you what Stoicism promises… tranquility that you’ve got your financial future handled, fearlessness from having a solid plan and are working the plan and, ultimately, freedom to do what you want with the rest of your life. See… Nomad equals freedom.

Are you on the Nomad path? If not, why not?

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