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Model for Rochester, New York

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Baseline Model for Rochester, New York

Baseline Nomad™ - Earning $5,000 per month and buying 10 properties with 5% down payments as quickly as possible using the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy.

Once you achieve financial independence, you stop working your job and live off your investments. See the chart near the bottom to see when this happens for each  Scenario.

Net Worth at 40 Years

The following chart shows the Net Worth for each  Scenario at the 40 year point so you can easily compare how well they perform relative to other strategies.

Click on the individual comparisons below to see more detailed comparisons.

Earning More/Less

What if they earn 10% less or 10% more from their job? How would that impact their ability to achieve financial independence?

Compare Income

Nomad™ vs 20% or 25% Down Rentals

What if instead of buying properties as a Nomad™ you bought a single property to live in and then put either 20% down or 25% down to buy rentals directly?

Compare Down Payments

Self-Managed vs Professional Property Management

In the Baseline you're self-managing your properties. What if you hired a property manager and paid them 10% of gross rents collected?

Compare Self-Management to Professional Property Management

Buying at a Discount or Paying a Premium

In hot seller's real estate markets, you may be asked to pay a premium above current Fair Market Value. In softer buyer's real estate markets, you may be able to more easily buy properties at a discount from the current Fair Market Value.

What difference does that make on your journey toward financial independence?

Does being able to get a 5% discount or 10% discount really have a signficiant impact? What is the cost of paying a 5% premium or 10% premium to get your offer accepted and buy properties in hot markets?

Compare Buying at a Discount/Premium

Having a Real Estate License

What if you got your real estate license?

You could get a discount equal to your commission or choose to earn the commission when you buy effectively reducing the amount you need for your down payment by the commission amount.

Compare Getting a Real Estate License

Better or Worse Rents

What if you were able to get slightly better or slightly worse rents? What impact does that have?

You could get 10% lower rents or maybe just 5% lower rents.

Or, perhaps you could do a little better marketing, find slightly more desirable properties and get get 5% higher rents or totally crush it and manage to get 10% higher rents.

Compare Higher or Lower Rents

Short-Term Rental

What if you decide to focus on short-term rentals?

Sure your expenses to run the property would go up, but could you get 25% higher rents, 50% higher rents, or even 75% higher rents?

Compare as Short-Term Rentals

Mortgage Interest Rate

What if you're able to get a slightly better (or worse) mortgage interest rate?

Getting a .5 lower mortgage interest rate or even a modest .25 lower mortgage interest rate could impact your cash flow and ability to achieve financial independence. Getting a .25 higher mortgage interest rate or a .5 higher mortgage interest rate could slow down your journey to financial independence.

Compare as Mortgage Interest Rates

Sell Properties to Achieve Financial Independence

What if... while Nomading™... you have enough equity such that if you sold off all the properties and invested that money in stocks and bonds you'd be able to live at or below your safe withdrawal rate?

Or, what if... while Nomading™... you have enough equity such that if you sold off some of your properties you'd be able to pay off the remaining rental properties and be financially independent?

Selling properties if that means being financially independent or even selling some properties to pay off the remaining rentals could help you achieve financial independence faster.

Selling Properties While Nomading™

Month First Achieved Financial Independence

Click through to the individual comparison pages above to see more detailed and less cluttered charts showing how close they were.

Change Any Assumptions

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