How to View Goal Charts

With the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software you can view charts that summarize the entire Scenario. You can also view charts that drill down into the details of specific Accounts, Properties, and even Goals.

Holly will show the screenshots of how to access charts of Goals.

She will show you how to select which goal you’d like to view a chart of.

She will show you with screenshots and describe with words how to add additional goals to the chart so you can see multiple goals on the same chart. If she needs help with creating these, she can let me know.

She will also show you and describe to you how you can see a summary of when each goal surpasses 100% at the bottom of the chart page. She will show you how this works when comparing a number of goals for a group of Scenarios.

She will also show you how to use the Max 125% and No Max buttons since this is a unique feature of the Goal Charts.


If you’d like more information about using Charts with the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software, check out these additional resources: