How to Remove an Account from a Scenario

In this section we will go over how to remove an Account from a Scenario.


First, log in to your Real Estate Financial Planner™.

Go To The Scenarios Page

Once you log in, navigate to the Scenarios page.

Hover over or click Planner™ on the menu across the top to expose the drop down menu. Click on Scenarios from the drop down menu. You can also use the menu on the right side of the page to locate the Scenarios page.

Select the Scenario you want to edit by clicking the title or the button on the right side.

Edit Scenario

Next, scroll down the page until you see Accounts.

Accounts in a Scenario

The Accounts in green are those which are included in the Scenario. To remove an Account from the Scenario click the Remove button as shown below.

Remove Account from Scenario

This will only remove the Account from the Scenario and will not delete it entirely from your Planner™. You can still access the Account from the Accounts page.


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