How to Link an Account to a Property

All Properties in your Real Estate Financial Planner™ need you to specify which Account you want the down payment and closing costs to be withdrawn from and which Account to use for income and recurring expenses such as rent or mortgage payments. If you do not specify an Account the Property will be setup to use the Default Cash Account* for both of these.

Change the Account

To change the Account a Property is linked to go to the Properties page and click on the title of the Property you’d like to edit. Or you can click the button as shown below.

Once the Property is open scroll down until you see the Accounts section.

Then, use the arrows on the right hand side to open the drop down menu and select which Accounts to use for Account for Down Payment and other purchase expenses and Account for Income and Expenses like Rent/Mortgage Payments.

Finally, hit the Save button at the bottom of the page. You will need to re-run the Scenario for the change to be reflected.

Additional Resources About Accounts

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