How to Find Real Estate Investor Clients

Join me, James Orr, for a round-table discussion with you (my colleagues and fellow real estate agents) on how to find and work with real estate investor clients.

Have you ever wanted to work with fewer clients and make more money by helping them make money by investing in real estate? Me too!

Let’s come together to discuss what has worked for finding and attracting real estate investor clients in your local real estate brokerage businesses in your market and mine.

I’m happy to discuss how I started and run my current real estate investor club (even during COVID-19), how I use content, tools, my websites and podcast and information to attract prospective real estate investor clients plus much more. Plus, also willing to share what has been working for me and what I’ve tried that hasn’t worked.

Let’s share best practices and the best strategies together to improve your ability to work with and add value to our investor clients.

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About Your Host, James Orr

I am an abundance-minded Realtor with Your Castle Real Estate in Fort Collins, Colorado. I co-founded the Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group in 2003. I work almost exclusively with buy-and-hold, Nomad™ and house hacking real estate investors. I average about 40 transactions a year (almost all investors and many repeat clients at this point) with one full-time licensed assistant with an average commission around $10K… some years a little more, some a little less.

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