How to Compare Multiple Scenarios

When deciding on an investment strategy it’s incredibly useful to be able to compare the outcomes of different ones. With the Real Estate Financial Planner™ comparing Scenarios that model different investment strategies is easy to do. In this post we will tell you how to use Charts to evaluate which strategy might be best for you.

Open The Scenarios

First, from the Scenarios page identify one of the Scenarios you want to compare and click on the icon.

This will take you to the default Chart for Net Worth. Underneath this Chart you will see a box with a drop down menu.

From this box select the Scenario you would like to add to the Chart and click the Add Scenario to Chart Display button.

The Chart will update automatically to include the outputs from both Scenarios. Use the legend below the Chart to identify which color represents which Scenario.

You can temporarily toggle a specific Scenario on or off by clicking the title of the Scenario you want to remove. To add it back to the Chart simply click the grayed out title of the Scenario again.

When you are done comparing Scenarios you can choose which one to continue viewing on the Chart by clicking the Just This One button next to the title of the Scenario you’re interested in.


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