How to Add an Account to a Scenario

 Accounts are reusable and can be used in more than one  Scenario. This section covers how to add an  Account to a  Scenario.

Step #1: Login

First, log in to the Real Estate Financial Planner™ software.

Step #2: Go to the Scenarios Page

Once you log in, navigate to the  Scenarios page.

Hover over or click Planner™ on the menu across the top to expose the drop down menu. Click on  Scenarios from the drop down menu. You can also use the menu on the right side of the page to locate the  Scenarios page.

Select the  Scenario you want to add an  Account to and click to edit the  Scenario. This will open the edit page. Scroll down the page until you see  Accounts.

Step #3: Click the  Add icon to add the  Account to the  Scenario

Accounts in a Scenario

The  Accounts in green are already included in the  Scenario.

Accounts in Scenario

 Accounts in red can be added to the  Scenario by clicking the  Add icon on the right hand side.

Add Account to Scenario


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